Parsons educated Julie Lloyd began her career working with Wilson Associates and Marguerite Green before establishing J.Miller Designs. Known for her sophisticated blend of fine antiques with contemporary styles, Texas born Lloyd has lived in London, Paris, and Florence, honing her decorative arts expertise. With an eye for quality and detail, Lloyd brings creative edge and timeless design to high end worldwide clientele.

In complimentary contrast, Clair Tompkins brings an edgy contemporary feel to her interiors through the mixture of clean line modern minimalism and a sense of eclectic luxury that incorporates mixed metals, natural materials and neutral color palettes.  A former fashion designer, Tompkins is influenced by classic modern and vintage design juxtaposed with a refined fresh tone and unexpected elements. She also has an eye for timeless vintage pieces that make her projects feel chic and current.

By merging their two design aesthetics Tompkins Lloyd seamlessly integrates rich modern luxury and chic traditionalism into their interiors.